GoPro Hero 9 Black First Impression Review


  • Impressive Hypersum Stabilisation
  • High Resolution 23.6-Megapixel Sensor
  • Excellent Touch Screen Display

GoPro Hero 9 Full Review :


GoPro Hero 9 has awesome built quality and premium look. It has metal frame with rubber around the edges and on the front. Its simply fold into the bottom and secured magnetically its also waterproof.

GoPro has front facing LCD and colour screen for framing selfie shots. It has 1.4-inch colour screen display on front, and on the back 2.27-inch touch screen of 320×240 resolution.


GoPro Hero has awesome stability with flagship. It gives higher resolution 23.6-megapixel sensor it capture 5K video and 20 megapixel images at 30fps. The touchscreen is larger and front-facing colour display.

Its provide max HyperSum stabilisation and Horizon lock software settings. It has larger 1720mAh long battery life.


GoPro has excellent Hypersmooth 3.0 stability and ideal for shooting. It has also hot stop when shooting 5k/30p videos. Its battery performance is well.

Its Hypersmooth boost in 4K /60P and 5K / 30P modes is enough to make any judge smooth. We also happy to see have 4K /120p mode for crisp slow motion. Its best in sunlight and higher Iso in the evening will turn your clips into a noisy.


GoPro has has small design and lightweight. It has awesome resolution and 4k video capturing quality, And awesome selfie soat with front preview display. It has large touch screen display.

If you looking for HD quality and 4k resolution its best to experience for photography. In this price range it has lots of features.

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