IFB 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Awesome 3D Wash & Pulsator Technology
  • Excellent 6 Wash Programs
  • Auto Balance Power Saving System

Ifb 6.5kg Top Loading Washing Machine Review :


This is best IFB top loading machine with 6.5kg capacity. Its free standing machine and its made with high quality of stainless steel. It has attractive sparkling silver colour.


  • Auto balance: Its automatically detect the unbalanced clothes and redistribute them to maintain stable wash.
  • Smart sense: There it can detect weight of the load and according adjust the level of water and detergent.
  • Deep clean: awesome cleaning experience soft scrub pads that remove the tough dirt from clothes and deep cleaning.
  • Aqua spa therapy: It has exfoliates and rejuvenates clothes by hydrating each fibre. it helps to dissolve detergent batter and provide better wash.


IFB promises excellent wash performance of deep clean without any stains, germs and dirt. The 3D washing mechanism is provide deep clean throughly all the tough stains and wash the fabrics.

Power Saving:

IFB washing machine has less power consumption with auto balance system. it helps in water consumption and energy saving. The 3D wash mechanism is provide you to deep clean wash thoroughly all the tough stain and wash the fabric.


This IFB washing machine is suitable for smaller families. it has 6 wash programs, 8 water levels, 3d wash. it has sufficient wash programs and uses an advanced wash system.

It’s provide pulsator technology aqua spa and aqua energie to clean clothes throughly with minimal damage. Its best to buy this washing machine with latest technology and features.

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