IFB 7 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


  • Awesome Triadic Pulsator & 3d Wash
  • Excellent Aqua Spa Therapy
  • Smart Sense Power Saving Technology


The top loading washing machine is best for your home. Its comes in dark grey colour and bordered by a black colour on top. Its built with stainless steel and can be placed at any corner.


  • Triadic Pulsator Wash : Its works with the inbuilt soft pads that gently remove the dirt. It also creat powerful swirl jets that remove the dirt from every part of the corner.
  • Aqua Energie: Its help to dissolve the detergent well with its aqua energie system & also hydrates and rejuvenates the fabrics with aqua spa therapy.
  • Tub dry: The function to dry the drum after every wash thats increase the life of drum by removing any residue and preventing lime scales.
  • Drum light: The light improve visibility inside the drum so you don’t miss any small piece of clothing inside the tub.
  • Smart sense: The smart sense can automatically adjust water consumption and wash cycle length by sensing the weight of the wash load.


The wash quality is excellent. it can handle all types of stain and dirt with ease. 3D wash provide soaks clothes throughly tp deliver excellent wash. crescent moon drum gives gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics. Best feature is auto tub clean after every wash programs. it provides excellent washing performance without any stain and dirt.

Power saving:

Smart sense technology provide automatically consuming much lesser quantity of water. And it also helps in energy consumption.

Over all ratings :

This washing machine has amazing features that makes washing a breeze. It considering the water and energy saving as well as gentler cleaning that top load machine offers. It has good features and excellent performance its best option to buy washing machine in this price range.  

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