Best VPN For Play PUBG

You can use VPN for many reasons. There are plenty of reasons you might want to use a VPN with PUBG or any other game. VPN helps you to connect any games or apps that not available in your country.

If you wish to play this PUBG, but you have a middle-range smartphone with less RAM power, you need not worry because you can use PUBG Mobile Lite Version. This version only developed for lower RAM Smartphone so it works well for lower RAM Device.

You just need to use any VPN apps and connect any country where PUBG is available and it’s done. Now Open PUBG Game and enjoy the party.

Here we provide you details of some of the best VPN apps that you can use for play PUBG game for free of cost.

Top 5 VPN Apps


NordVPN is our first choice when it comes to play PUBG. This VPN offers super fast speeds and is great for play high level games. 

NordVPN is available on Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS apps.

2 – ExpressVPN 

Express VPN operates approximately 3000 serves in 94 different countries. Express VPN boasts high speeds and unlimited bandwidth to avoid any lagging issues during the gameplay.

This VPN Supports on DOS, MacOS, Windows, Android, and on iOS apps.

3 – Cyber Ghost

Another Best VPN for PUBG is Cyber Ghost. This VPN Servers available in 60 different countries and 1300 servers. It is trending among gamers because of its ability to provide unlimited bandwidth, high operational speed, and outstanding unblocking ability.

This VPN is available on Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS apps.


HMA VPN supports about 2,000 servers and in 140 different countries. They gives you fast speed and provide High Level encryption.

You can Install HMA VPN on MacOS, Windows, Android.

5 – PureVPN

PURE VPN comes with 5,500 servers and in 89 different countries. PureVPN is good option for PUBG Mobile India.

Pure VPN is Easy available on Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, and iOS apps.

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