What is the best way to get insurance?

You can buy any insurance policy via online insurance company like policy bazar, phone pe, paytm or you can buy any insurance from direct insurance company.

How do you get your car insurance?

If you have car then it’s required to have car insurance.

Car insurance is required to drive a car on road, the main reason of car insurance is to protect your car against the financial in case of an accident, loss in the event of natural occurrences or anything else.

There are two ways to buy car insurance. You can buy an insurance from direct insurance company or you can use any online insurance company for buy insurance.

Car Insurance Types :

Before buying a car insurance policy, you must need to know of policies and the cover offered by them.

For commercial car or private car, you can buy commercial car insurance or private car insurance, respectively.

How do you get your bike insurance?

There are many ways you can apply and buy your bike Insurance. You can apply for bike insurance online and offline. For online you can go to Bajaj Insurance website or you can go with the phone pe or any other Insurance companies.

Types of bike insurance :

Comprehensive insurance :

This Insurance covers damage caused to third-party as well as own damage. Own damage incidents could be natural, theft, damage caused during travel.

Third-party liability insurance

This insurance offers a basic cover. and it protects against damages of vehicle.

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