Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Review


  • Premium Look and Lightweight Buds
  • Excellent Responsive Touch Sensor
  • USB Type-C Fast charging

Galaxy Buds Live Full Review :


Samsung galaxy buds live has comes in five colours. It has square case and matching shade glossy finish buds. The LED lights inside and outside the case its indicate charging status. Its look stylish and  premium built quality.

It has USB Type-C charging on back and wireless charging. It has wingtips for more comfortable, its lightweight buds easy to long time wearing without any discomfort.


The Samsung buds live pairing process is super fast & simple you can just open case and pairing mode is on. Buds has touch sensor on the top part, it can control music and call answer/reject.

It has awesome noise cancellation. There is inbuilt three microphone on each buds for best call quality. It has excellent sound and deep bass quality, the galaxy app allows to set sound in six modes you can set setting. 


It has awesome quickly pairing buds. It has awesome bluetooth version and high rated dynamic driver, its provide good sound quality vocals and deep bass experience. The buds have excellent touch sensor and instant working on your touch.

It has great voice quality with impressive noise cancellation feature. The buds live claim to offers up to 6 hours of battery and with case its up to 20 hours in single charge of battery.

Battery Life:

The samsung Galaxy buds live is up to 6 hours of play time in single charge of battery. There is case can recharge 2.5 time buds and its up to 20 hours of battery. The buds live support quick USB Type-C charging, which can provide an hour of play time with just five minute charging.


Samsung galaxy buds live has great features. It looks great and awesome built quality. It has great battery life and k charging supported. Excellent noise cancellation touch sensor. its lightweight and comfortable wearing. it has impressive sound quality and deep bass.

If you looking for branded buds it has great features and great sound quality its best to experience wireless buds. 

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