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What is the salary of software engineer in USA

Software engineer income depends on the many factors such as job location, experience years in the jobs, skill and more.

Salary for a Software Engineer in the United States is between $61,000 to $170,000.

Also Startups where people get paid around $60k and work 20hrs a day, 6 days a week because of equity they get or because they are totally badass and want to make that beer money.

Software Engineer Salary In the US per hour

  • Average Per Hour Salary: $32
  • Per Hour Salary Range: $25 to $40

Software Engineer Monthly Salary In the US

  • Average Monthly Salary: $5,000
  • Salary Range: $4000 to $7000

Software Engineer Average Yearly Salary

  • Yearly Salary Average: $67000
  • Salary Range: $55000 to $85000

Software engineer career paths

Web Developer

Web developers develop websites and application to provide information and services on the web.

Apps Developer

App developers build applications for iOS and Android mobile operating systems.

Test & Quality Assurance Engineer

This engineers are catching bugs in the code.

Systems Engineer

System Engineer focus on larger issues in the design and creation of systems like performance, maintenance, and logistics.

Data Engineer

Data engineers create the data to be consumed by data scientists.

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